Welcome to the digital world of GS1 standards!

The GS1 Lib (Library) is a modular digital library and a rule book containing all the rules for GS1 standards, which helps to interpret, create and verify GS1 standard data contents and barcodes. Due to the development processes and modifications of GS1 standards the library is to be updated on regular basis enabling software solutions or applications to be compliant with GS1 Standards all the time. GS1 Lib may be customised and integrated into mobile solutions.

GS1 Lib Mobile BASIC SDK

The goal of the GS1 Lib Mobile Basic SDK is to receive, interpret standard series of data and to decipher structured data in GS1 standard codes and number sequences according to the logic of the standard system. GS1 Lib Mobile Basic SDK is a programme package that can be built and integrated into various mobile applications.

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With GS1 Lib Mobile Premium SDK built into mobile applications are able to receive, parse, interpret GS1 structured data, symbol and even validate it.

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